MindSparke Introduces Brain Fitness Pro mindsparke version 3


We are very pleased to announce the upgrade of MindSparke's online brain training software - Brain Fitness Pro. Version 3 incorporates exciting new features and addresses the most common customer requests for improvement.

Recommendations for Existing Trainees

  1. Take The Training Type Assessment
  2. Set a Security Question for Password Reset
  3. Link To Your Blog Account

Take The Training Type Assessment

The version 3 personality assessment selects the training style that will optimize your training benefits. The system uses the latest results from independent research to determine whether you will gain more from training with two types of information at once (visual and aural memory sequences) or just one.

personality-type questionnaire

To select the training style most suitable for you:
  1. Click on the "Settings" toolbar button in the training system.
  2. Select the most appropriate responses to the 5 training type questions.
The training type description will tell you whether you should be training with two types of information (visual and aural) or just visual. If you've been training with two kinds already, and the program determines that just one type would be better, we recommend that you switch by clicking the "Save" button in the settings dialogue. (You can always modify your responses at any time to switch again.)

Set a Security Question for Password Reset

security question

By setting a security question and answer you can minimize complications should you ever forget your password. The system will use your security prompt to permit you to change your password right away without waiting for an email and a system-generated password. To set your security prompt:
  1. Click on the "Account" button.
  2. Select a security question.
  3. Enter an answer.
  4. Save your new account details.

Link To Your Blog Account

brain training blog link

You can now link your training account to your blog account, or create a blog account from within the training system. You can then post a training report without leaving the training system. (By clicking on the "Blog" button at the end of your session.) To link or setup your blog account:
  1. Click on the "Account" button.
  2. If you already have a blog account, Enter your blog password and click "Link".
  3. If you don't have a blog account, Enter your preferred blog username (this will be public) and password and click "Create".
  4. Save your new account details.

Upgrade Summary

  • iPad Compatibility: With Version 3 (and Internet access) you can now train on the iPad using the Safari web browser.
  • Targeted training by personality type: Leveraging new independent research Version 3 can select just the right training style for you.
  • Blog integration: Link to your blog account; submit and view blog posts from within the training system.
  • FAQ: Have a question? Check the right side of the training screen for an answer.
  • Easier Password Reset: Set a private security prompt to streamline the password recovery process.
  • Account Information: You can access all of your account information with the "Account" button.
And more... Stage 3 Help demo on the Info screen; automated "training tips" when you need them.

iPad Compatibility

ipad brain training compatibility If you have an iPad we think you'll enjoy the experience of MindSparke on the tablet. Apple has limited the capability of the iPad web browsers by disabling 'Flash' technologies, and by disabling any sounds that don't start with a user action (like a button click). We have been able to engineer around these limitations. If you train on the iPad you'll just need to register the necessary sounds with a click on each at the start of each session. With match buttons left and right for Stages 3 and 4, the rest is easy.


  • We've added tips to try to answer the most commonly asked questions in the right-hand sidebar.
  • All training account features are now gathered behind the "Account" button on the button bar.
  • If you encountered problems entering your birthdate because of date-format issues, we've fixed that problem.
  • The "Help" buttons on the dashboard now take you straight to the "Help" for the relevant stage.
  • The demo for Stage 3 now appears right on the info page for Stage 3.