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A Posit Science review quickly shows that Posit Science provides highly regarded brain training exercise. Posit Science incorporates working memory training exercises aimed at improving memory, working memory, and focus. Posit Science reviews and research studies indicate that the software can be effective but the training costs a considerable amount and does not have the same brain training intensity as MindSparke's Brain Fitness Pro.

Industry analyst, SharpBrains, in its Posit Science Review (part of its Brain Fitness Market Report) stated that only 53% of Posit Science customers achieved the results they were looking for, and only 52% felt that they got value for money.

At MindSparke we focus on brain training exercise that works with optimum efficiency. We agree with Posit Science on the importance of working memory training. However, to ensure maximum training benefit, MindSparke's working memory training exercises always address visual working memory and aural working memory together, and the MindSparke exercises have no upper limit to the level of difficulty. MindSparke delivers truly revolutionary brain training innovations such as the incorporation of meditation into the brain training process.Packed with informative feedback, helpful tips, and novel brain training mechanisms, MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro delivers a carefully sequenced set of brain exercises that dramatically improve core cognitive functions. Review and compare Posit Science and MindSparke brain training products using our brain fitness program comparison chart and we think you will agree that MindSparke's brain fitness programs provide a better online brain training option than Posit Science at a significantly lower price.

Posit Science Review | Posit Science vs. MindSparke

Feature MindSparke Posit Science
Reg. Version Special Edition Impulse Control
Personality-Based Brain Training posit science review check posit science reviews check posit science reviews check2 posit science review cross2
Fluid IQ Increase posit science review check 1
40% +
posit science review check 1
40% +
posit science review check 2
40% +
posit science review 1 cross
Measure of brain training gains posit science review check 3 posit science review check 4 posit science review check 4 posit science review 2 cross
Personal brain training coaching posit science review check 5 posit science review check 6 posit science review check 6 posit science review 3 cross
Uses meditation to multiply gains posit science review 4 cross posit science review check 7 posit science review check 7 posit science review 5 cross
Brain training online AND brain training on PC posit science review 6 cross posit science review check 8 posit science review check 8 posit science review 7 cross
Proven by independent scientific research posit science review check 9 posit science review check 9 posit science review check 10 posit science review check 11
Brain Training Fees $19.95 /mo $24.95 /mo $24.95 /mo $395 and up

Posit Science Review | Comparison Overview

In a Posit Science review as compared to MindSparke both employ training protocols that can help mitigate and reverse the mental declines associated with aging (in addition MindSparke's Brain Fitness Pro can significantly increase mental ability for all trainees ages 13 and up). The programs differ in four broad respects:
  1. Relative Training Time Required - Posit Science requires 65 to 80 hours of training over a 3 month period. MindSparke's integrated exercise trains several functions simultaneously and requires just 30 hours over a three month period.
  2. Training Targets - MindSparke's training program targets two brain functions that the Posit Science programs do not - multi-tasking skills and simultaneous left-brain / right-brain processing.
  3. Personality-Based Training - MindSparke is the only brain training service to provide personality-based brain training. Research shows that our general personality determines whether we will gain more from training visual and aural working memory simultaneously, or from training just visual working memory.
  4. Training of Natural Listening Skills - The Mind Sparke program does not train natural listening comprehension. (This can be supplemented by mindfully engaging in everyday tasks and activities that require prolonged attention and focus.)
  5. Relative Cost - The Posit Science program bundle costs a total of $690. MindSparke Brain Fitness Pro costs less than $20 per month.

Posit Science Review | Comparison of Brain Fitness Benefits

The benefits of the two training protocols are similar although they have been assessed in different ways.

Posit Science reviews show improvements in aural processing speed of 131%, and improvements in memory by "an average of 10 years." The UCSF Memory and Aging Center shows that a steady decline in mental sharpness sets in around age forty. Their findings indicate that in the "delayed free recall test" the number of words recalled drops by an average of about 1 word per decade. Going from fifty- to sixty-year's old this represents a 10 percent decline in free recall. Or, conversely, Posit Science's programs lead to a short term memory improvement of 10 percent.

MindSparke's training protocol increases working memory capacity by about 70% with as little as 19 days of training. It also increases fluid intelligence (problem-solving ability) by an average of more than forty percent.
posit science review gains from brain fitness pro
Posit Science and Mind Sparke customers report similar subjective benefits from their training - improved focus and concentration, improved memory, and improved visual processing. MindSparke's customers (a broader customer base in terms of age range) have also reported improved mathematical ability, a boost in puzzle-solving ability and improved hand-eye coordination and musical proficiency.

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Posit Science Review | Sharp Brains Brain Fitness Market Report – 2009

These are the stats for the question, “I got real value for money”
Lumosity.com – 65% Agree; Puzzle Books – 60% Agree; Posit Science – 52% Agree; Nintendo – 51% Agree

And for “I have seen the results I wanted”
Posit Science – 53% Agree; Lumosity.com – 51% Agree; Puzzle Books – 39% Agree; Nintendo – 38% Agree

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Ann Arbor News reports on a study of 524 people, age 65 to 93, using the PositScience Brain Fitness program. The study found: delayed onset of significant brain deficits for up to 10 years or regain of 10 years of lost ability 90 percent of Brain Fitness users reached brain processing speeds typical of people [...]