Working-Memory Training Report – Shaun – Session 39

Session number: 39

Average n-back: 5.35

Duration (min.): 30

Bike ride.
Relaxation Imagery.
Progressive Muscle Relaxation.

Note that this was the beginning of another 19 training sessions. As a result, the training started at n=2. As a result, scoring a new personal best implies a somewhat large accomplishment.

Of course, realistic thinking attributes that accomplishment to native (and trained) intelligence, skill at the n-back, exertion of effort, and a pinch of luck.

I could probably do it again, if I have to. At least we know I can score 5.35, if I can do that, then maybe I can score 5.40. It is at least a possibility to stay open too.

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P.S. Martin Walker provided the inspiration for training twice in one day. Between training sessions I carried out 20 minutes of deep relaxation exercises as a surrogate for sleeping between training sessions.

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