Brain Training Report – Slight improvement in stage 3

Stage: 3

Session number: 3

Average n-back: 3.35

I finally made it past n=3 for my average! highest i got was 3.35. I only was able to pass 4 once but completely screwed up and lost track of the sequence when i got to 5.0 got 11 errors..-__-.

I have been constantly drilling on this almost every day but i don’t really see much of an improvement on my performance at school and in my life. Is it suppose to feel the effects or is it indirectly shown through my performance in school and work?? Perhaps i should do another IQ test because before i did serious training using Mindsparke my IQ was at 100 sadly:( Im wondering if i till shoot up after several weeks using this program.

MindSparke Brain Training Software

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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Theresa.

    Stick with it. If you keep to a regular schedule the benefits start to appear after about 12 to 15 sessions.

    Best wishes,

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