Brain Training Report – Ruari – Stage 2, Session 2

Stage: 2

Session number: 2

Average n-back: 5.85

Less distractions today, though I just came from ‘Fika’ (coffee and pastry). Session begun with a bit of apprehension. After jumbling the aural and visual sequences in the beginning, I thought it boded ill for the rest of the exercises. Then I tried something different. Instead of trying to repeat the letters in my head, I came up with a quick story to tie them together. Mnemonics. The result was great. Recalling the story was much simpler then the individual letters, and allowed me the opportunity to reverse the sequence at my leisure. This gave me more time to focus on the visual sequence. I quickly passed through the n-5 barrier, and eventually the n-6, culminating in an attempt at n-7. Felt great to have developed a bit of a system. I’ll have to wait and see how well it helps me out in future exercises and greater n-#s.

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