Brain Training Report – Ruari – Stage 3, Session 4

Stage: 3

Session number: 4

Average n-back: 2.2

No breakthroughs, though the n-2s seem to be coming along more clearly. From the block score sheet, the audio signals pose a bigger challenge. Today I tried switching around how I remember the sequences. Originally I tried to recall everything in the order recited. This caused too much jumbling and confusion. Today I tried switching it around so that I repeat/recall the sequences in reverse order, and to the appropriate n-number. The switch in recall technique will improve my performance, I believe, but will take some adjusting to.

On a related note, I tried training on the Double Gapmatch at the n-3 level, but was unable to manipulate the training options. This stuck me on the default n-2 level, which I wanted to avoid.

Other observations: brain plasticity seems a challenge. The moment I move up to n-3, my mind struggles to only focus on the third matching sequence. Typically I bomb the first attempt gloriously. Upon demotion to n-2, my mind then wrestles with the shorter matching sequence. Some mental lag time? Do others take long breaks between blocks? I tend to do all 20 in one sitting with just a few breaths between each.

On a positive note, despite the still low performance levels, and dramatic fall in BFI score since starting Double Gapmatch, I feel I’m on the cusp of busting through the n-2 and settling into the n-3 level. I hope my issue is poor mental sorting and that once I get my ducks in line, I’ll see more rapid improvements.

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