Brain Training Report – Mahtab – Stage 3, Session 2

Stage: 3

Session number: 2

Average n-back: 2.5


I have just completed the second session of stage 3 and I am a bit frustrated as I could not ace up to n=3 without making mistakes. My average is only 2.5. I am a bit worried whether I will be able to hold up information for harder challenges or not? Just wanted to know if it is normal or not? Because I have completed the first two stages within 11 sessions altogether but I am having the 3rd stage pretty challenging at n=3.

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One Response to “Brain Training Report – Mahtab – Stage 3, Session 2”

  1. martin says:

    Hello, Mahtab.

    This is perfectly normal. Stage 3 is a new and particular challenge and it will take a few sessions before you get used to the training method.

    It is quite typical for people to take a while to reach and be able to stay at n=3.

    Stick with it and you will be amazed at how much your brain will rise to the challenge.

    Best wishes,

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