Brain Training Report – Kim – 12

Session number: 12

Average n-back: 2.75

Duration (estimate in minutes): 30

Not sure what’s going on here Martin.
After 12 sessions which in addition to the training, incorporates practice sessions, my average n-back is only 2.75.

n=2 has become a drill for me but it seems like n=3 demands all my attention. And when I get to n=4 I drop the bundle.

Any ideas?

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report

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  1. martin says:

    It’s all part of the process, Kim.

    Your brain has been working hard, acknowledging the training effort, and beginning to respond with changes. 12 to 15 sessions is typically the point at which changes in the brain begin to reveal themselves. At some point in the next few sessions you’ll probably have a big jump.

    This pattern repeats itself. Overall we make upward progress but from one day to the next it’s not predictable.

    Keep at it!

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