Brain Training Report – cmg – methods

Stage: 3

Session number: 5

Average n-back: 2.8

Thanks Martin. Your tip and Andrew Clark’s post really helped me improve at n=3. I even got a chance to try n=4 in my last session! I have a question. Are some methods of doing the exercise better at exercising and improving the brain than others?

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  1. martin says:

    There’s a school of thought that developing methods and strategies may improve scores but doesn’t increase training benefits.

    I personally believe that methods can help improve our satisfaction and lead us to greater levels of focus and concentration, making them very valuable.

    The one kind of method or strategy that seems less helpful would be reducing the amount of information being remembered by using mnemonics — so, remembering H, K as Hong Kong, or H, Q as headquarters. It’s very hard to avoid this completely! But trying to avoid developing a habit of mnemonics would be a good idea.


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