Brain Training Report – Gaurav – Session 12

Session number: 12

Average n-back: 2.8

Duration (estimate in minutes): 35

This was an excellent session. I was able to stay on n3 for a while and even jumped to n4 a couple of times. I changed a number of things:
- I did it first thing in the morning instead of before bed when I’m tired.
- I did it on an empty stomach
- I meditated before I began the session (I usually do meditation before the session so not really a change)
- I did super brain yoga for the first time today.

Things really started to click today. I was floating between “active recitation” and “mindless instinctive recognition.” I changed too many variables today to say that its one or the other. Suffice to say I will be doing this in the morning when I’m fresh and continue with the super brain yoga (which felt really silly to do).

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2 Responses to “Brain Training Report – Gaurav – Session 12”

  1. martin says:

    1. Training on an empty stomach, or at least avoiding training after a meal, is a good strategy. Digesting food moves blood away from the brain and induces sleepiness.

    2. What is “super brain yoga”?


  2. gte697h says:

    Thanks Martin. For exams such as the LSAT which are 3 hours long, should I also go in on an empty stomach? I was wondering if it may be too long for it.

    Super brain yoga is something that was posted by one of the users on this blog. It supposedly syncs your left and right brain. I looked it up and it was actually covered by news organizations such as CBS and approved by Yale scientists. Here’s a link:
    It seems so simple and easy to do and yet promises great benefits. I’m trying to figure out a way to see whether it makes a difference but its hard to do a controlled studyon myself when there are other variables such as LSAT prep and BFP training included in the mix as well.

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