Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report – Rajat #18

Session number: 18

Average n-back: 4.05

Starting at n=4 got miss=2
After a break of two days again I reached at n=5 miss=5
First time I am staying at n=5 twice n=5 miss=11
Back to n=4 miss=4
stayed at the same level n=4 miss=4
again at the same level n=4 miss=5
One more time at n=4 miss=7
After long time back to n=3 miss=2
Up to n=4 miss=3
at the same level n=4 miss=5
again n=4 miss=5
once more at n=4 miss=5
again at n=4 mis=1
once more came up to n=5 miss=10
Down to n=4 miss=4
same level n=4 miss=3
once more playing at n=4 miss=4
n=4 miss=8
Down to n=3 miss=4
Back up to n=4 miss=2

Strong ending. I reached at n=5 at the end and also got an increase mean n-back.Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report.

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