Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report – Rajat: 13

Session number: 13

Average n-back: 3.20

Today am starting my training at n=3 got miss=3
stay at the same level: n=3 miss=3,
Again at the same level n=3 miss=1,
Move up to n=4 got miss=6,
Came back down to n=3 miss=3,
Again at the same level n=3 miss=4,
Again at n=3 miss=3,
n=3 miss=0,
Came up n=4 got miss=10,
Down to n=3 miss=4,
Same level n=3 miss=4,
n=3 miss=1,
Back to n=4 miss=5 (This is first time I am staying at n=4 for two times continuously) n=4, miss=10,
Back down to n=3, miss=1,
Again up to n=4 miss=8,
Back to n=3 miss=5,
At the same level n=3 miss=6,
After long time I came back to n=2 miss=0,
Again up to n=3 miss=4

I am stuck between n=3 and n=4. Since long I have been playing at these two levels. But i think my frequency of going back to n=4 is increasing…

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