BFI is trending down

When I first started, I was seeing my BFI improve steadily. It peaked at 118% versus my original BFI.

Now I’m seeing it trend down. I’m at 95% versus my original BFI. I’m at Stage 4, and I’m getting a lot of tough new tasks such as colors for visual sequences and tones for auditory sequences. A lot of my scores on these sequences are low, but if I go back to Stage 3 then I am still able to get really good scores.

Is it normal for BFI to go down? How can I get back to my previous level and beyond?

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  1. Julian says:

    It was recommended to me to try doing both stage 3 and 4 at different times of the day. Then I began to make some progress is stage 4.

    Stage 4 is harder, just as Stage 3 was significantly harder… it is not fun to think you may have reached the limit of your ability to progress. I asked Martin about this, and he thought further progress was possible for most people, but required more effort and patience than at earlier stages.

    I was discouraged for a while, but then put this in perspective. At some point I realized that doing this work is a meaningful part of the routine of my day, and stopped worrying about the upper limits to my intelligence training. My scores are going up (pretty slowly!) in Stage 4 now.


  2. ActionPotential says:

    Thanks for the feedback Julian. It wouldn’t bother me so much if I was close to my peak BFI, but my BFI is down about 12% from the high and I can’t get it to go back up.

    I did a little better with the tones today, but I only gained 1 point in BFI. This gets me right back to where I was the last time I trained.

  3. Julian says:

    What else could effect your performance? Lots. Nutrition, sleep, and meditation are really important to how you do.

    It’s possible your brain is just protesting. A fine line between trying, trying too hard, and real focus and concentration.

    Good luck!

  4. Kurshaad says:

    just keep at it and it will improve. The sounds were my Achilles Heel but now I’ve mastered them.

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