12th Session

Session: 12
Time: 15 days
28% through stage 3 (10 sessions)
Last 3.3

Have been moving steadily up in stage 3. A little tired today, but managed the same score as yesterday. I am getting more consistent and confident with n=3, but still have occasional lapses. Yesterday, I went down to n=2 once. Today, I went to n=2 twice, but managed more n=4 (at one point stayed for 3 blocks before going back to n=3). Meditated for 10 minutes before and 10 minutes after session.

So far, I have not noticed any dramatic improvements in memory, focus, concentration, etc. I still struggle with insomnia and depression (especially acute on days I don’t sleep well). However, it has only been 15 days since beginning (actually started on day 3) so we’ll see. I’m interested to see if I notice any differences in the future.

I juggle on occasion and I’m curious to see if my juggling will improve. Of course, I’m practicing more now so if I do see improvements, it will be difficult to discern whether the improvements came from practicing, from the brain exercises or both.

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