Session #8

Day 8
Saturday, May 31, 2008

Training location: Home
Training conditions: Afternoon. Just napped. Just had a light lunch. Some caffeine today and a fresh cup of coffee at my side. Alone in the house.

Using a modified version of the program today… Code changes — new code to try to eliminate the over-repetition of symbols; same voice for all audio symbols; no countdown of tests remaining and keystroke registers.

Note: This is the eighth day – the end of the training for Jaeggi’s first group, after which she noticed already a statistically significant improvement in IQ test scores.

Wow! Really got thrown off by the change in the audio symbols – the new voice is very different. Blew that block and reverted to the old sounds.

Back to the old sounds, still missing the key recognition a little, but held steady on n=3 for the first 5 blocks. Now up to n=4 on block 6. (8 hits, 7 misses; felt a little more comfortable with n=4). Two misses on the next block, right back to n=4. (6 hits, 7 misses.) Block 9. Starting to lose focus and concentration. Losing track of the sequences. Took a break, walked around; one miss on block 11. Up to n=4. (7 hits, 7 misses – a lot of repeats!!) Just two miss on the next n=3, back to n=4. Just 4 misses! Staying on n=4. (6 hits, 8 misses) Now starting to lose it, down to n=2 for the first time after block 16. (Zero misses on n=2.) Took a longer break, 1 miss, back to n=4. (6 hits, 10 misses).
Bottomed out on the last test – 8 misses on a 3-back!!

Mean n-back: 3.25

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