Session #6

Day 6
May 29 (skipped a day due to lack of time)

Training location: Fall Café
Training conditions: Just drank a cup of latte and ate a cranberry muffin

Feeling tired – Zane woke up at 5, I got him back to bed but got up at 6 with Otto.

Down to 2 on block four, up to 4 on block 6. Back down to 3, right back to 4. Starting to feel more comfortable on the 3s – seeing the visual hits better. Back up to 4, back down to 2 by block 16… Feel like I start to get tired after the first 10 blocks or so, this gets worse, affects concentration, and I just can’t remember the sequences. Taking breaks and forcing focus seems to help. Cancelled a block at 17. Starting to feel competitive with myself after the dip in scores on the last session.

But despite feeling very much more in control, I scored a mean n only .05 better than two sessions ago! (Mean n=2.95)

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