Session #22

Day 3

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Training location:

Block Island – Upstairs

Training conditions:

Morning. Some coffee in the morning. Just swam in the ocean.

Curious to see what happens after the big jump last time. Started with n=5, up to n=6. (6 hits, 7 misses.) Next round, 7 misses on n=5, dropping down to n=4. Bouncing right back up to n=6. 7 misses. Struggling today with n=6. No misses on block 9, up to n=6. 5 misses, staying on n=6. 5 misses again, staying on n=6. 3 misses, staying on n=6. 4 misses, staying on n=6. 2 misses, up to n=7. 7 hits, 7 misses, down to n=6. 10 misses! Down to n=5. 10 hits, 2 misses, back up to n=6. 4 misses, staying on n=6. 9 misses, back down to n=5. (6 misses, down to n=4 for start of next session.)

Mean n=5.55

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