Session #21

Day 2 of second program: Saturday, June 28, 2008

Training location:

Block Island – Dining table

Training conditions:

Afternoon. Home alone. Some coffee in the morning. Nap in early afternoon. Feeling pretty good. (Just played the piano for thirty minutes.)

Since 6 days had elapsed from the time of my last training session, I was a little nervous about how I would perform. Started with n=6, and remarkably scored 11 hits and only three misses!!! Next block, only two misses!! Up to n=7. (This one felt like a fluke, much shakier.) n=7, 7 hits, 10 misses, back down to n=6. 7 hits, 7 misses. Down to n=5. 11 hits, 3 misses. Took a break to play the piano. 1 miss, up to n=6. 9 hits, 4 misses, staying on n=6. 7 hits, 7 misses, back down to n=5. 2 misses, up to n=6. (9 hits, 6 misses.) 2 misses on block 14, up to n=6. Just 5 misses, staying on n=6. 9 hits, 5 misses, staying on n=6. 7 hits, 7 misses, down to n=5. Starting to struggle on block 18… (n=5) Got by just with 5 misses. Next block, down to n=4 for the first time…

Mean n of 5.5 !!! (previous best, 4.55)

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