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Make Your Brain Smarter – FHM Australia

Friday, May 14th, 2010

FHM (For Him Magazine) this week published a piece called “Make Your Brain Smarter” featuring MindSparke. The piece included some erudite observations from yours truly promptly followed by comments refuting the idea that neurogenesis stimulated by brain training has been observed in humans. This according to Associate Professor Sharon Naismith, senior clinical neuropsychologist at the Brain and Mind Research Institute.

I know that Australia is a good way off (sometimes our installation disks take a couple of weeks to get there) but Fred Gage showed neurogenesis in humans over ten years ago and a great deal of good science since has shown that what we do with our brains has an impact on how they grow and change. Last year scientists at the Karolinska Institutet showed that intensive working memory training has a visible impact on the brain… Working Memory Training Changes The Brain

Make Your Brain Smarter