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Act Your Brain Age?

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010

brain training for actorsFollowing on from yesterday’s post -Mental Exercise Benefits Physical Mobility – today we have another example of the interaction between mind and body.

Actors who underwent ten half-hour sessions of neurofeedback training over a period of seven weeks improved their acting ability compared to actors who hadn’t had the neurofeedback training. (Acting quality was assessed qualitatively by acting professors and the students themselves.)

What fascinated me was the detail of the neurofeedback training. When I first came across the study I thought that the neurofeedback training would have focused on the act of performance. But the researchers instead showed the actors a simulated theater environment and asked them to control the stage lighting and crowd noise via electrodes connected to their heads.

The ability being trained then would seem to be control of “presence” and detached focus.

(This strikes me a somewhat similar to the attention and control, without over-thinking, of MindSparke’s training. One day it would be interesting to see whether brain training performance could be aided by the means of neurofeedback while training.)