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Brain School: Eaton Arrowsmith | Learning Disabilities | Brain Training

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Brain School Eaton Arrowsmith
Howard Eaton, co-founder of the Eaton Arrowsmith Schools, has published a book about his work with Barbara Arrowsmith. Eaton and Arrowsmith pioneered the use of brain training to induce neuroplasticity in the brains of children with learning disabilities, rewiring their brains to function better.

Eaton Arrowsmith’s premise that we needn’t feel constrained by the brain we have but can train our brains to work more effectively is fundamental to MindSparke’s approach to brain training.

Eaton wrote the book to raise awareness about the advantages of using brain training for children with learning disabilities and attention disorders. “My hope is that Brain School will ask politicians, educational administrators, psychologists, psychiatrists, family doctors, educators, parents, and others involved in education to be open to the idea that cognitive functioning can improve and the brain can change,” he said.

“Because there is a lack of knowledge and facts about neuroplasticity, there is a general trend in education to keep practicing the same instructional remediation methods for children with learning disabilities.”

Brain School: Stories of children with learning disabilities and attention disorders who changed their lives by improving their cognitive functioning
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