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Brain Training Report – Lizzit

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Stage: 1

Session number: 1

Average n-back: 5.1

I had a severe head injury following a traffic accident where someone effectively ran a red light bumped me over whilst I was dutifully waiting for a light to change. I had to relearn how to walk and sit up and there has been a negative effect on my ability to access some memories. Gosh, now I know how normal people forget stuff having been forced to be below normal for two weeks and normal for another two. 6 weeks later, I find I need to push the envelope because eeew, scoring lower on the IQ test really bugged me. I scored 132 on the 1973 Weschler child exam, but only 125 last week on the WAIS-IV. Being 5.3% lower than I used to be sticks in my craw; I desire as of yesterday was to attain being within 2%. How jolly good to discover I might just exceed my old score! Challenges envelope me, this will be quite a kool game to play for the next year. Interestingly, fluid intelligence whupped up a notch last week just by hanging out with five other people scoring 2+ standard deviation from the norm. I recall learning music was much faster when I hung out with musicians better than myself. For those of you pushing the envelope, consider spending significant periods of time with people better than yourself at IQ/music.

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First Day of Training (Ever)

Monday, June 23rd, 2008

Day 1
May 23, 2008

Training Location: Fall Cafe (Brooklyn, NY)

Conditions: Reasonably alert; two cups of coffee

Anxious to get started with the first prototype of the program. So anxious that I left the cafe and went across the street to the drug store to purchase a cheap pair of headphones.

Wow! this is hard. Found even the 2-back difficult. Got up to the 3-back a couple of times.

Mean n-back=2.3