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Brain Training Report – BFI

Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Stage: 3

Session number: 14

Average n-back: 3.85

I’m sort of stuck on n=4, back and forth between n=5 and n=3. If I’m tired, it’s a bit more 3 and if I’m energized there are a few n=5′s thrown in.

I am curious what the top level for each stage is. I’m at 9 now on Double Ahead and Double Switchback, but I hobble through them. I’ve seen one person posting about a level 10. Is there a higher one? What’s the highest on stage 3 and stage 4? Just curious!

I achieve the sixes on up in the first two stages by imagining the visual flip linked to two letters at a time. The visual enhances the sound and the two letter group crunch enhances the visual. I have a data limit of about four, so I expect I will be at nine for a while.

I know original BFI is supposed to modify “over time”, but you don’t specify what time it’s modified over. As I’m recovering from a brain injury, my original probably is really pathetically low but it keeps going up – it’s at 300 now. When a person had to learn how to walk, talk, and eat again, I’m guessing the starting score ought stay pretty low.

My goal is to get my IQ back up to what it was before the brain injury. I think I’ve got some permanent damage to accessing certain memories, but it’s clear from psych tests they’ve done on me that that most if not all of the memories (mostly words but also faces) are indeed there; it’s accessing them that’s fallen by the wayside. There is also damage to the part of the brain that converts from short term memory to midterm such as working memory. I am hoping the separation of working memory from fluid intelligence done on the Double Gapmatch will increase my ability to access memories and convert from ST to medterm.

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