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Working Memory Training Can Reduce Anxiety, Distractibility

Tuesday, February 16th, 2016

A study published in Biological Psychology finds proof of concept for the use of working memory training (specifically the kind of training used in MindSparke) to reduce anxiety and distractibility.



Not seeing results: Anyone here didn’t see beenfits for a while, but did eventually?

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Any late-bloomers out there? If you didn’t see any benefits with initial training ( by “initial” i mean completing a full 19 day program, at least), but stuck with it and eventually saw some?

Training not working for me thus far. I finished the 19 sessions, took a five day break, and just did another sessions. I was training in a single -n mode, and also doing practice exercises in dual-mode in the final five days (levels 1 and 2 only as not to go against recommendation). I did not notice any improvement in my daily life in terms of memory, concentration, or processing speed. I reached N4.7 (3rd level) at the end of my 19 days. My N went up slightly to 4.9 today, but even that is not very impressive since I had higher averages at 2 previous sessions. Furthermore, I took a makeshift iq test ( I used the logical reasoning section from an LSAT book. In my opinion, it’s a much more reliable test of fluid intelligence than the internet iq tests, and has more real-life correlation than plugging through a bunch of visual patterns) and scored the same as I did a few years ago.

It would be encouraging to see if others have been in this situation. I feel like I might just end up quitting if I continue not seeing results

I want to give it one more shot and plan to train for 19 more days in dual-mode. I will even try to do two sessions a day. If that doesn’t work, than that’s that.

Brain Training Report – Jan – Stage 2, Session 10

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Stage: 2

Session number: 10

Average n-back: 4


I just competed stage 2 and am trying to learn stage 3. I am a little confused by the directions. First, in the help section, it says to reach level 6 in Stage 2 before trying Stage 3. Is this still a requirement/recommended?
Also, I was practicing an visual sequence by itself, and thought I matched all the sequences correctly. I performed it at the slowest speed for the purposes of learning. However, the report said I missed 2 sequences. I was wondering if there is overlap between the sequences, in other words, say a series of 6 white squares are shown. If 2 and 4 are a match, do you have to remember where the third square was in case it is a match for square 5? Or does the sequence start over once you’ve correctly guessed the matching squares? Thanks in advance. Additional input: Seeing improvements in working memory at work, feeling calmer in stressful situations and becoming less reactionary and more able to solve problems on the spot.

MindSparke Brain Training Software

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Brain Training Report – Travis – Stage 3, Session 18

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

Stage: 3

Session number: 18

Average n-back: 4.5

I’ve got enough sessions logged now that I’ve noticed a trend. My biggest gains seem to come after a period of several days loss. I don’t think this is just b/c of the decline making it easier to have larger leaps. It feels like there is some sort of reorganization going on during the loss period. Anyway, I got 3 n=5 in a row for the first time and am looking forward to the day when the computer throws a 6 at me!

Also, I noticed that not moving my focus off the inner block that never lights up seems to make it easier to remember the visual pattern. I think this ties into the meditation. I acknowledge the square and let it go without loosing my calm or focus. When it comes back in again in the pattern I realize I didn’t let it go, I just let it be.

I’m interested in the tip that suggests the more tricks one tries to employ to memorize the patterns, the less transference one gets to other gF tasks. Its a relief to give up on the tricks!

MindSparke Working Memory Training

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Brain Training Report – Andrew – Stage 3, Session 5

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

Stage: 3

Session number: 5

Average n-back: 2.8

This program is really working, I can see that my memory retention for these exercises are slowly improving on a daily basis. During Stage 3 Session 3 I smoked a blunt but my score did not decrease from the previous session, instead it had increased. This software is amazing I especially like using it for 30 minutes and then proceed to RosettaStone right after :)

MindSparke Brain Training Software

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Brain Training Report – Javi – Stage 1, Session 1

Thursday, July 5th, 2012

Stage: 1

Session number: 1

Average n-back: 4.45

I got everything correct for the first 16 rounds or so, then I actually almost physically felt my brain being exercise and worn out, and I got a couple incorrect at N=6. I’m really liking these exercises

MindSparke Brain Fitness Software

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Brain Training Report – Wren

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

Stage: 4

Session number: 18

Average n-back: 3.75

I have done some meditation before beginning brain training… but I don’t feel the pulse of light referred to near the end of Martin’s guided meditation. Could you explain what this refers to?

MindSparke Brain Training Software

This post was submitted by Wren Canzoneri.

Brain Training Report – Travis – Stage 3, Session 3

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Stage: 3

Session number: 3

Average n-back: 2.9

Woke feeling foggy and dreading training this morning. I did a little exercise first (10 min. jumping jacks, pushups and sit-ups) then the meditation. Every felt easier! and my score moved up more. The training was less unpleasant too (probably b/c I was doing better).

MindSparke Brain Training Software

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Brain Training Report – Tanya – Stage 3, Session 12

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Stage: 3

Session number: 12

Average n-back: 2.6

I guess there are alot of rocket engineers, brain surgeons and quantum physicists on here because I can’t seem to get completely past level 2, even at session 12, while everyone else is progressing nicely.
Any helpful suggestions for a stupid masters in literature student trying to prep for the lit subject area test? I’m horrible at math and suffer from pharmaceutically-induced short term memory problems (due to medication for depression) along with a mild case of ADD. I can tell this site is helping, but I’m also frustrated.

MindSparke Brain Fitness Software

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Brain Training Report – Bjorn – Stage 3, Session 6

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Stage: 3

Session number: 6

Average n-back: 2.18

I begin to feel low, because my results are worse and worse in stead of better and better.
I think this fact makes me tensed and my performance suffer still more.
Do you have any idea about how to behave in this situation?

MindSparke Brain Training Software

This post was submitted by Björn Hallenberg.