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Brain Training – Report of MCAT Success

Friday, July 9th, 2010

Anson from Colorado contacted us to tell us of his experience with the MCATs and training with Brain Fitness Pro. He mentions a jump in score from 27 to 34. This is equivalent to a percentile increase for the MCATs from around the 60th percentile to around the 92nd percentile:

“I just wanted to let you know that for the past year I had been studying to retake my MCAT’s in January. My dad had mentioned your product and so I decided I would give it a shot. I used it for 6 months, while I studied the exam material. I got my results back in March and my score jumped from a 27 to a 34. I was pretty astounded by the results since the average score either increases or decreases at most by 3 points when the score is close to a 30. I have no idea what happened, but I definitely have to attribute some of the success to your program. I would have emailed you earlier, but I have been busy as of late. I just wanted to let you know that I felt like your program works and that hopefully it can help others succeed.”

Brain Training Report – Safzoro – Session 20

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Session number: 20

Average n-back: 4.35

Duration (estimate in minutes): hours!

Yes, got about 4 at last! For me this is slow work.

I’m wondering whether anyone has any experience of ‘Onetest’? It’s an Australian developed screening test based loosely on the Wonderlic concept of a quick assessment of cognitive aptitude. The only problem is that 1/5 of the questions have more than one valid answer – and the more creative you are, the more possible answers you can see. My husband, (double first class honours Maths & Physics, PhD Physics, leading building scientist) couldn’t immediately answer this particular line of questions.

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report

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Brain Training Report – Micha – Session 2

Sunday, June 13th, 2010

Session number: 2

Average n-back: 2.8

Duration (estimate in minutes): 50

Before n-back training:

I reach two times 12 level (6900points) (playing 10 days )

After two session with n-back (level 3 with 65% of accuracy) I got to 14 level(14000 points) what was impossible to me before n-back training.

So, this simple test shows that event 2 days with n-back training can give you big results in memory.

Lumosity Review

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report

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Latest Brain Training Success Story

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Anne, MD and Harvard medical school grad, successfully gained entry to Mensa after training with Brain Fitness Pro.

“I took a Mensa home test prior to the training and didn’t pass…. Then I did the full training course, took the actual Mensa test, and got in! I’m very satisfied with the training.”

Do you have a brain training success story to share? Please let me know at

Targeted Brain Exercise Boost For Kids

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Berkeley neuroscientist Dr. Silvia Bunge and her team devised two clever programs to determine whether carefully selected training exercises could boost IQ and processing speed. The experiment, which sounds akin to building a kit car out of hardware store purchases, involved underprivileged children with lower than average cognitive scores. The researchers involved them in 20 hours of after-school game and puzzle play. One group focused on reasoning exercises, the other on pure processing speed.

The results were a dramatic increase in IQ of 13 points for the reasoning group, and a similarly dramatic increase in processing speed for the processing speed group. (There was no cross-over — the training boosted the scores for the specific function being trained.)

See the full article.

Working-Memory Training Report – Joe – Session

Thursday, November 5th, 2009

Session number: 19

Average n-back: 4.30

Duration (min.): 35+

Well, my first training block is done. The highlight of this session was the one round @ n=5 where I managed but 3 misses, sadly I did not managed to get under 7 misses on n=5 the rest of the session. Reading this it may sound like I am still focussed on the numbers, it is only after the session that I review my scores; during this session I checked my score only once, about halfway through.

My focus was improved this session, though sometimes I was nearly falling asleep due to the “mind stillness” I experienced.

I retook the iqtestlab test and scored 147, the cieling for that test, a 9 point improved. I don’t think it is a very good baseline test as it is very short, but it is nice to see a high number like 147 associated with my IQ.

The test at smartestofus should serve its purpose as a meter of progress far better as the questions do not repeat. The problem with the smartestofus test is that the numbers are skewed was up, my IQ is certainly not the 158.50 IQ reported by that site, regardless it should serve well to measure my progress.

P.S. I restarted my BFP session after my week long break because I thought it would be futile to continue after such a long break, so I do not have a BFP made chart with my entire progress on it. If there does end up being on in this post I made it.

Period 1

Hmm, after looking at that graph my gains seem a little bit more linear than I had thought they were towards the end. My vigour for training is reignited.

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Friday, October 30th, 2009

Hello braintrainers,

I’ve been away from the blog for some time, mainly because Ive shifted into maintenance mode. After 200+ sessions of BFP dual n back, I dont feel the need to track my progress on n back — I only do bf pro a few times a week now.

However, about a week ago, thanks to Martin reminding me about the Get y test, I decided to re-take it. Back in August, I took the test but there were some problems both with the amount of time I took on it (less than an hour) and the results I received which may or may not have been valid according to a problem with the scoring. For this
reason, I do not consider the first result as any baseline to compare my second attempt to: since it is either invalid or not reflective of my best efforts (or both).

My second attempt (a second attempt is allowed) yielded a balanced score of 12, or IQ 143, according to age range, so 99.78%ile. I read Martin, Dave, and Shauns scores as well. Well done!

This result reflects my best effort and I spent close to about 4 hours total on it and took it as a “power test” rather than just a speed test, which is what this sort of high range test requires absolutely. Could I have scored higher with 10 hours on it? Maybe, but I feel Im operating near or at my genetic potential (in a similar way one might realize their physical genetic potential after working out at a gym for a year).

I expressed to Martin my reservations about the Get-y as a measurement of IQ since it is taking only a self selected
group of people with above average IQs
who attempt the test and ergo the full range of ability isnt considered.

What this means is G loadings for the test will be go down, and the S factor will go up. The S factor here is the visual spatial factor and its measured maybe even more than G is. Those reservations aside, the test strikes me as one that is highly G loaded, in addition measuring a specific factor. If one is interested in this issue of high range testing have a look here (scroll down to get to the meat of the issue):

To the point: did my IQ (level of G) improve by grinding out dual n back for about year? It seems so. But I have also been doing a other things to improve my visual spatial abilities (the S factor) so this confounds the issue. Also, I have never taken a pure visual spatial power test at the very high level of Get-Y, so comparison to some average online IQ test with mixed items is apples to oranges. (The great majority of online tests are not worth paying attention to at all).

I think the get y gives an estimate of ones visual reasoning abilities that are the best one can find online…but again I would like to see correlatons with tests like the RAPM. The test was a challenge regardless, and I do feel confident that working memory increase accounts for a significant portion of the ostensible gains I have made…

how to increase iq

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report.

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Working-Memory Training Report – Michelle – Session 34

Sunday, August 16th, 2009

Session number: 34

Average n-back: 5.20

Duration (min.): 60 mins

I’ve been see-sawing backwards and forwards in increments of 10-20 all through the second training group, but my average n-back for today is 5.20. It’s not the first time I’ve reached it, but it’s nice to know that the first time wasn’t a one-off. Various days have been low-focus days, which has ended up back in high 4 averages several times.

I’ve been juggling n-back stuff with brain training at MyBrainTrainer, and with other software. Overall, I’ve been spending at least 2 hours a day on various forms of brain training. In non-n-back training exercises, my focus has been on processing speed, increased focus, and improving visual scanning (obviously to prepare for some of the upcoming more information processing tasks in the WAIS). I think they’ve dovetailed quite nicely.

I finally had a visual-spatial WAIS-III task administered to me 2 days ago (this testing seems to be going at a snail’s pace……). I was kind of looking forward to seeing how I fared in a measure of fluid intelligence, since most of the stuff administered so far has been of the crystallised variety. Either the n-back stuff helped quite a bit, or I’m very good at visual-spatial reasoning (or maybe a bit of either). The only thing that prevented me from a perfect score was anxiety – got nervous ‘butterfingers’ when handling the blocks and lost 1 bonus point on 2 of the questions, and on the final task I kind of panicked then got myself together and focused and finished perfectly – except that the time spent in sheer panic mode meant that I timed out and lost out on points for that question. Apart from that I scored perfectly with everything else. If only dual n-back could do something for the anxiety as well as working memory……..

I think the dual n-back made a difference in that up until the very last couple of questions I didn’t have to refer back to the puzzle as much whilst constructing, because I was able to hold more in my head at once whilst I worked. I think that translated into gaining valuable seconds in a timed task that would have otherwise been taken up moving my eyes backwards and forwards from pattern to construction.

I do think the neuropsychologist was a little bit surprised, as he has had me pegged as high on verbal IQ from day one and kind of naturally expected that visual-spatial would be weaker.

We also went through a visual-spatial memory task from the WMS, and it was way better than the verbal word-pairing I did a few weeks ago. Whilst my visual-spatial memory has always been better than random word groupings anyway, I do wonder whether seeing n-back patterns at n=6 in ever alternating shapes of 3 ‘nodes’ has contributed to that.

Coming up in the next 2 weeks:

That WAIS task that’s like digit span where you have to reorganise the letters and numbers in ascending order (or is it the other way around???). I have a baseline for that from my Simply Smarter software. A couple of weeks into n-back training, my baseline for this particular task was a span of 4. I’ve not taken another baseline since, but in practice exercises I am handling spans of 5, 6, and 7 digits/letters (although at a span of 7 I’m not getting it consistently every time).

Matrix reasoning. I’m curious about this one. I was mad about visual-spatial puzzles about 10 years ago and used to get nearly all of the ones in the Mensa puzzle books right, but immediately prior to n-back training I had slipped a bit (still getting the majority but fluffing a few).

Those ones where you’ve got to cancel out shapes and ones where (I think) you have to copy symbols – the more pure processing ones. It will be interesting to see the effect that a couple of more weeks of dual n-back practice will have on those exercises.

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Fluid Intelligence Test (Get-Y)

Tuesday, July 21st, 2009

I found a very good fluid intelligence test (called the Graphic Elements Test aka Get-Y) that seemed as good or better than Tri 52 (and with less monotonous items). The test is financially free and culture free, testing visual spatial and pattern recognition ability. This test has an extremely high floor (IQ 129) so I think this test should be an accurate measure of visual pattern recognition intelligence (aka fluid intelligence) for those at or above this level.

I sent my answers in yesterday and should hear in two weeks or less (per the person who scores the test). I am very picky about tests I will take the time to sit through; this was well worth it imo. It seems that many difficult items require very good working memory, particularly visual wm.

Link to test and norms:

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Working-Memory Training Report – Shaun – Session 122

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Session number: 7-8

Average n-back: 6.10

Duration (min.): 40

Hi there BFPro Community:

Goal setting makes life better. By setting manageable, actionable, specific, and time-limited goals we build confidence and motivation. About three weeks ago, I set a goal for myself to complete 19 session of BFPro over a period of five weeks. And as of today I did it. I deserve credit for that, and I could probably do it again if I have to.

Goals are best when they are our behavior because we can control our own behavior far better than we can control our thoughts, feelings, or behavior of others. So I set a goal for myself, and I did it. But, I also asked some questions and made some predictions:


ULTIMATE GOAL: 19 sessions of BFPro over the next 35 days. More is fine. Done.


a) Will my g improve?
b) By how much?

c) Will my mean n-back improve?
d) By how much?

e) Will my highest n-back block improve?
f) By how much?


a) My g will improve…
b) … from 810 to 840 on the TRI52!

***This will be determine this weekend. Stay tuned!***

c) My mean n-back will improve…
d) from 6.55 to 6.90!

***Over the last 19 sessions my highest mean n-back for a single session reached 7.20, whereas my highest mean n-back for a single session previously reached 6.55. Thus my mean n-back did improve, and by more than I expected!***

e) My highest block will improve…
f) from n=8 to n=9!

***This did not occur. My highest block remains n=8.***


I will not reach a TRI52 score of 840.
***Stay tuned***

I will not reach a mean n-back of 6.90.

I will not reach n=9 for even one block.


Here’s how it went today.

n=6, misses=3, I know that blaming makes me feel helpless…
n=6, misses=3, …so what can I do to change the situation…
n=6, misses=3, …and to make myself feel better?
n=6, misses=3, Congratulations Shaun on maintenance.
n=6, misses=2, Congratulations Shaun for persistence.
n=7, misses=4, Congratulstions Shaun for maintenance.
n=7, misses=3, Congratulastions Shaun for the effort!
n=7, misses=3, Congratulations Shaun for the quiescence.
n=7, misses=3, Congratulastions Shaun for concentration.
n=7, misses=4, Congratulastion Shaun for the effort!
n=7, misses=4, Yeah, this is frustrating…
n=7, misses=6, …but it’s not the end of the world…
n=6, misses=4, So what if I don’t get what I want…
n=6, misses=3, …it’s not the end of the world…
n=6, misses=8, …and not a reason to blow up…
n=5, misses=4, Why am I swearing?
n=5, misses=3, I feel frustrated, and things aren’t going…
n=5, misses=4, …the way I would like, but I can cope…
n=5, misses=4, …with the situation…
n=5, misses=5, I want to be accurate.
Mean=6.1, How often has this really happened?

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