So far…

I have just finished session 3 of the programme and am pleased scores are continuing to improve!

Day 1 2.35

Day 2 2.5

Day 3 2.95

After a very bewildering start, when I spent the first block looking for a question or clue, then re-reading all the Help section, I finally got my head around what I was supposed to be doing!  On day 1, n=3 was a joke and each time I quickly reverted to n=2.  Now I am coping with n=3 but get very confused when I do fall back to n=2 and have to remind myself how many to count!

If I cancel a block half way through when I lose my way, does it affect my overall score, or is it cancelled completely?

Looking forward to day 4 already.


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  1. martin says:

    Hello, Cath.

    If you cancel a block, it’s canceled completely and doesn’t count toward your score. I’ve found that it’s a good practice to cancel when you lose focus rather than trying to struggle on.

    The experience you describe of being confused when you go back to n=2 is also something others have found. I guess your mind gets into the rhythm of the pattern.

    Thanks for posting!

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