Session #23

Day 4 of second program

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Training location:
Home in Brooklyn – Upstairs

Training conditions:
Afternoon. Tired from lack of sleep. Plenty of coffee this morning. Alone in the house. No exercise since Wednesday.

11 days since the previous training session
. Curious to see whether the previous big gain will stick after this long a break.

Starting on n=4. No misses. 5 misses on n=5. 5 misses again. Definitely feeling a little rusty… With 6 misses on the next block, down to n=4. One miss, back up to n=5. 8 misses (lots of guessing!) and back down to n=4. 4 misses, staying on n=4. Two misses, back up to n=5. Five misses, staying on n=5. Five misses again. (This seems to be a wall today on n=5, vastly different from the previous two sessions.) Five misses again. Five misses again. Five misses again. Aha! Down to four misses, with 10 hits. And after that I’m really struggling to hold on to n=5 on the next block!!  I keep losing focus entirely.  8 misses!!! Down to n=4. Two misses, back up to n=5. One miss, up to n=6 for the first time this session.  Four misses, staying on n=6. (Now starting to remember the patterns more clearly than earlier in the session.) Six misses, down to n=5.

So, training breaks may consolidate gains, but longer breaks may erode previous gains.

Mean n=4.85

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