IQ Training Tips: Breaks Consolidate Gains

Why scores may keep climbing even when you’re not training

After seeing a big jump in my scores when I took a break of six days between sessions 20 and 21, I mentioned the phenomenon to Susanne Jaeggi. Here is what she said:

“this is an effect which is quite common in training literature – the spacing of the training gives the brain the opportunity to consolidate the learnt information (or processes). thus, a break from time to time is a good approach for the training.”

Recommendations for optimal use of the IQ Training Program

This gives us a couple of fascinating insights into how we can get the most out of the IQ Training Program.

  1. Be aware that the brain may take a few days to consolidate the effects of the training — if you’re training for an important test, allow for a break of a few days between the end of the training period and the day of the test.
  2. Jaeggi also shared the following fascinating hypothesis: “we don’t currently know what happens if participants train longer than 4 weeks in terms of training and transfer…. after the initial learning as you did, it could also be efficient enough to use the training as a short ‘booster’ every couple of weeks or so.”

    A recommendation well worth trying out.

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    At the very begining of the training, the results appear a lot more gradually than training oneself in a more usual method by learning by rote the most frequent answers to iq test items. But by learning by rote you rapidely reach a very modest ceiling of possible performance because when taking a test you must proceed by conscious suppositions in order to solve the items.

    By training by Eureka Method you solve the items instantaneously, or nearly, without even making the effort to ponder, most of the time.

    The best proof of the efficiency of my method that I can offer is to try it on yourself !–?cq=1&p=7

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