Cath’s story so far after 14 days…

Although my scores improved steadily for the first 5 days, from day 6 until day 10 I was on a rollercoaster;

day 6  n= 3.4

day 7  n= 3.7

day 8  n= 3.5

day 9  n= 4.1

day 10 n=3.8

day 11 n=3.8

day 12 n= 3.9

day 13 n= 4.1

day 14 n= 4.3

thankfully, since day 10 scores have improved again.  I seem to have days where i just can’t concentrate and have to cancel a few blocks at a time, then regain concentration again.  However, I am somehow finding my own ways of concentration, consciously blocking out distractions, which could help me in everyday life.

Still enjoying the training and hope to master n=5 by the 19th block!?? 


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