Brain Training Report – Tanya – Stage 3, Session 12

Stage: 3

Session number: 12

Average n-back: 2.6

I guess there are alot of rocket engineers, brain surgeons and quantum physicists on here because I can’t seem to get completely past level 2, even at session 12, while everyone else is progressing nicely.
Any helpful suggestions for a stupid masters in literature student trying to prep for the lit subject area test? I’m horrible at math and suffer from pharmaceutically-induced short term memory problems (due to medication for depression) along with a mild case of ADD. I can tell this site is helping, but I’m also frustrated.

MindSparke Brain Fitness Software

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One Response to “Brain Training Report – Tanya – Stage 3, Session 12”

  1. martin says:

    Hello, Tanya.

    It’s great that you’re sticking with it through the frustration. The frustration is quite normal, by the way, even for the rocket scientists.

    I still remember how tough and bewildering the first period of my own training was.

    The training is perfect for addressing the issues you’re tackling. If you can try to consciously train with a sense of humor, even a smile, you may find that this helps. (I do this when I’m having a tough training day and it seems to shift things.)

    Best wishes,

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