Working-Memory Training Session #31

Session #31

Monday September 22, 2008

Home, morning, swam, coffee. Feeling well rested and high energy.

Starting on n=6. Three misses.
Three misses.
Three misses.
Four misses.
After starting with great clarity, I’m beginning to struggle to keep focus. Cancelled out of a couple of blocks.
Four misses.
Five misses.
Three misses.
Six misses. Down to n=5 for the fist time this session (after eight blocks).
Two misses, back up to n=6.
Eight misses (even though I felt much more confident). Experiencing a similar slump to the last session.
Five misses on n=5. Yup.
Six misses and down to n=4.
No misses on n=4. Up to n=5.
Two misses, back up to n=6.
Six misses, back down to n=5. Really struggling to keep focus.
One miss on n=5, back up to n=6.
Two misses! (A little surprising after such struggle.) Up to n=7.
Seven hits, eight misses. (Too much guessing.) Down to n=6.
Four misses. Staying on n=6.
Two misses. Up to n=7 for the first block of the next session.

Ending with a new high score, a mean n of 5.7

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