Working Memory Training Session #29

Session #29

Monday September 15, 2008

Home, morning, swam.

Starting on n=6. Six misses. One miss on n=5, back up to n=6. Five misses. Nine misses on n=6. One miss on block 6, up to n=6. Four misses, staying on n=6. Eight misses (should have cancelled!) Two misses on block 10, back up to n=6. Eight misses. Three misses then two misses, back up to n=6.  Just three misses; staying on n=6. Three misses again (including one fumble.) Seven misses; down to n=5. Seven misses on n=5!! Down to n=4 for the first time this session. (Just when I was thinking I’d cracked n=5…) No misses; back up to n=5. Three misses going into the last block.

Finishing with a mean n of 5.4

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