Working Memory Training Session #27

Session #27

Monday September 8, 2008

Home, morning, swam, just ate.

Since I haven’t trained for over one month I’m wondering how the break will have affected my working memory.

Starting at n=4, I score just one miss on the first block and move up to n=5. Then seven misses and back down to n=4.  One miss again on n=4, back up to n=5.  Four misses. Four misses again. And again. And again. Starting to lose focus on block 8. Seven misses, down to n=4. Two misses, back up to n=5. Next block, zero misses on n=5 (must have been a fluke – felt very uncertain.) Up to n=6. Six misses, back down to n=5. Just two misses, back up to n=6 (again, felt uncertain.) Just two misses on n=6!! Up to n=7. Just four misses!! Staying on n=7. (First time I’ve stayed on n=7, I think.) Seven misses, down to n=6. And six misses on n=6, back to n=5. Four misses. Four misses. Two misses, back up to n=6.

Final mean n=5.25.

(Interesting that this is not a significant decline even after a month without training. On the three previous sessions, mean n scores were 5.3, 5.3 and 5.5 respectively.)

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  1. Shaun Luttin says:

    Session #12

    I have done 5 training sessions per week for the last two weeks M-F. Since it is Tu today, and since this is my third week of training, I just finished my 12th training session. My ave n-back for today was something like 2.5. My personal best ave n-back so far has been 3.15.

    Best regards,

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