Working-Memory Training Report – Xenophanes – Session 16

Session number: 16

Average n-back: 7.60

Duration (min.): ?

Today I felt very tired (Lots of things going on). I dropped “again” from 8.35 to 7.60, quite a big leap down. If you think about it, 7.60 is not so bad after all.

I could at this very moment easily play a game of chess or do some sudoku or other mental challenges. Sure I’m tired, but my “mind” still functions quite well.

What do I mean by this? Well, let me explain. Dual N-Back trains Working memory (WM) which in turn “during” each session increases your focus. High WM + High Focus + Unknown? = High IQ?. Lets say my N-back decreases with 1 n-back for every session I finish. (Remember I’m doing every session without breaks). From 9-8-7-6-5-4, this mean I could “if” my Average n-back is 9 have a highly focused 3h super-session, and still maintain a “High IQ”.

What do you think would have happened to me, with No n-back training if I pursued a 3h super-session?

I think my “thoughts” went little to far outside the box this time ;)

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