Working-Memory Training Report – Will – Session 228

Session number: 228

Average n-back: 6.6

Duration (min.): 25

Average over 19 sessions = 6.6. This is +.2 from last 19 sessions. I will now take a long break from N-back training.

1) 5.70
2) 7.20
3) 6.60
4) 6.80
5) 6.50
6) 6.45
7) 6.20
8) 7.25
9) 6.40

As for how I feel doing 2 sessions in a day versus 1? I am not sure there is much of a difference, except consistency from session to session has improved.

This post was submitted by Will.

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One Response to “Working-Memory Training Report – Will – Session 228”

  1. Shaun Luttin says:

    Hi Will,

    It’s been very enjoyable for me, over the last months, to have been getting to know you. I feel sad that you will be absent from the BFPro training for a long break. And I understand the impact of business in our lives, so I understand the need for a break. Maybe you’ll post now and then so we can stay in touch.

    My situtation is not so different, because I will be decreasing my training intensity soon. On Sep 14 of this year, I am going to matriculate into the BCIT software systems developer course for about eight months. Being as this course is intense, my training with BFPro will decrease in intensity. My own sense is that the training will pay off during the course!

    Prior to Sep 14 my plan in to complete many sessions of BFPro. Your completing over 220 sessions, Will, inspires me to do somewhat of the same. Perhaps I am going to reach the 200 mark by the time Sep 14 comes! That’s the aspiration at least :) .

    That’s all for now…
    Warm regards,

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