Working-Memory Training Report – Will – Session 38

Session number: 38

Average n-back: 4.8

Very pleased with my last run of my 2nd session! On my last blocks hit 6 and 6 both with 4 wrong…I get to start my next session on a higher level than Im used I usually start at 4 after being tired.

Runs prior to this (#36 and #37) were dips: 4.3 & 4.5. respectively. I did them both in the same day (yesterday).
Not sure what caused the dip but it is to be expected so im not worried.

Since I realize I need a break from my grueling regimen on this rather grueling
game, I plan on taking 1 day off from training (tomorrow) but will resume the following day. By grueling, I mean it in
the best sense, similar to an atheletic training pushing limits of endurance.

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