Working-Memory Training Report – Shaun – Session 40

Session number: 40!

Average n-back: 4.75

Duration (min.): 30

Wake up.
Eat banana.
BFP Train.

It was tough to train this morning. A positive aspect of the training is that I did it within 15 minutes of waking up this morning. A negative aspect of the training is that the score dropped 0.60 points from yesterday’s personal best.

When feeling discouraged about the training, that is the cue to turn around and look at how much my score has improved since the beginning. My nadir score was about 2.30, my personal best was about 5.35, and my score today is 4.75. That means my score for today represents an increase of 2.45 above my nadir, and 0.60 below my current, but not ultimate, apogee in the training.

Notwithstanding the drop from yesterdays personal best of 5.35, an average n-back of 4.75 indicates progress along the BFP Training continuum. Realistic thinking recognizes that gradual improvement is sometimes enough, and that things are not in black and white. Rather, gradual improvement is sometimes enough.

It also gives credit for accomplishments, even if the result is less than perfect. Few of us reach perfection in what we do (eg: in n-back training), but our achievements are meaningful.

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3 Responses to “Working-Memory Training Report – Shaun – Session 40”

  1. martin says:

    And, perfection on the n-back test is impossible! That can also be a reassuring thought. There will always be another n-back level…

  2. Shaun Luttin says:

    An ever receding horizon…

  3. Shaun Luttin says:

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