Working-Memory Training Report – Mattias – Session 19

Session number: 1:19

Average n-back: 4.55

Duration (min.): 60


Ended my first experience with this excellent program today. My score was a little down 4.55. My best n under this almost 4 weeks was 5.45. I saw n 7 one time and the best result on a block was 1 miss /visual/ at n 6.

I tested my iq before I started Brain Fitness Pro (may 2, test earlier that day) I did one iq test about 10 session in PFB (scored 121) after 15 or 16 sessions I did the first iq test again (the same one on witch I scored 115) and ended up at 127 (I guess this is because I had done the exactly same test 2 weeks earlier).

My plan now is to take a brand new iq test in a couple of days, the test i will take is
this test has some resemblance with the one that I scored 115 and 127 but I think it will do.

I have also bought Brain Twister from a german site, I will complement my training with this program.

My plan is to continue with BFP for as long as I make progress. I dont think it is impossible to stabalize at n 10 or n 11 in the future. But one step at the time.

I also will continue to post here from time to time.


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  1. Shaun says:

    Hey Mattias:

    Great work on the first 19 sessions of BFPro!


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