Working-Memory Training Report – martin – Session 24 (nines)

Session number: 24 (nines)

Average n-back: 8.55

Duration (min.): 40

After a training break of about three weeks (due to moving and holiday travel), I was very pleased with today’s session.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been taking a blend of natural supplements to detoxify (extracting heavy metals that the body doesn’t easily eliminate) and improve brain function. I was immediately pleased with way these supplements made me feel (less foggy, more alert, less tired, and healthier).

I’m interested to see whether taking the supplements coincides with an unusual increase in training scores. I would theorize that eliminating long-present toxins might lead to a mid term climb in scores as my brain is freed from their insidious effect. This would be visible in the training record.

In any case, I’ve been very pleased with the supplements and I will be giving more information about them over time.

Session 24

Session 24

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report.

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