Working-Memory Training Report – martin – Session 202

Session number: 202

Average n-back: 8.15

Duration (min.): 50

After 30 sessions of “nines” I’ve switched back to regular dual n-back for a while. This began out of curiosity but has resolved into a challenge. I wanted to see whether training with “nines” had had any impact on my ability at regular dual n-back. I’ve discovered that I’m finding regular dual n-back quite tricky after a few months away.

I started in with a 7.95, right around where I left off. On Saturday when I trained I scored well below my recent par (7.3). And today was better at 8.15.

It seems logical that transitioning back and forth between variations of dual n-back maintains the challenge of the training and helps work different aspects of working memory…

Session 202 (dual n-back)

Session 202 (dual n-back)

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report.

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