Working-Memory Training Report – martin – Session 1 (“nines”)

Session number: 1 (“nines”)

Average n-back: 5.7

Duration (min.): 40

Nines is a new more challenging variation of dual n-back that will be featured in Brain Fitness Pro version 2.0.

Today I received a working prototype of version 2. I’ll be putting “nines” through its paces. Or should I say that “nines” will be putting me through its paces.

In place of spoken letters, “nines” employs spoken numbers, 1 thru 8. The challenge? Instead of direct matches in the aural sequence, we need to identify matches that sum to 9. So 1 and 8 are a match, 7 and 2, 6 and 3, and 5 and 4.

It’s tricky!

brain exercise nines-001

Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report.

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3 Responses to “Working-Memory Training Report – martin – Session 1 (“nines”)”

  1. Joe says:

    There is something similar to this on called PASAT. It’s a single n-back arithmetic game, though the numbers do not have to add up to nine; in conjunction with dual n-back it could be could preparation for this coming game.

  2. Mike Logan says:


    You have done it again. Sounds like focus must be very good to go to n=5.7, and arithmetic skills too? Mike Logan

  3. martin says:

    Hi, Mike.

    I think this will be an excellent exercise for anyone who has worked on the regular dual n-back for a while. It adds a new level of cognitive processing. The evaluation of whether the numbers add to 9 while remembering the sequences presents a challenge that tests and strengthens our executive skills.

    We’re also adding a couple of easier exercises that will help get people started on working memory training.


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