Working-Memory Training Report – Joe – Session 17

Session number: 17

Average n-back: 4.40

Duration (min.): 30

Finally, progress! Unbelievably satisfying session. I managed to attain that super high level of focus much more frequently and with more ease today. I managed two perfect rounds and n=4. N=5 is getting easier.


Brain Fitness Pro working-memory training report.

This post was submitted by Joe.

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2 Responses to “Working-Memory Training Report – Joe – Session 17”

  1. martin says:

    Hi, Joe.

    Well done! It’s great to see your chart. Excellent progress.

    I’m curious. You mentioned that your visual memory isn’t your strongest point. Does this reflect in your scores for visual versus aural?


  2. Joe says:

    My visual scores are usually (~80% of the time) lower than my aural scores.

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