Working-Memory Report – Larry – First Two Periods

Larry from Detroit has posted a his scores and thoughts on the training process a few times (Larry Session 7, Larry Session 11, Larry Session 19). He wrote to me a couple of days ago having completed his second full period of brain training. Larry confirmed that his improvements over those two sessions increased on a pretty straight line. (See below.) He ended the second period at a high of 3.66. Larry also shared the following:

“I’m observing some personal recall improvements, but will probably miss the subtleties of it all.  At age 75 I’ll merely be experiencing mental conditions from an earlier period and may accept them as
usual,.. ..’Going-back-in-time’ so to speak,..

I took a two week break between the two 19 Session Blocks (casually enjoying a few Sessions randomly, in between), and skipped a few days, intermittently, while doing the second,..

Finished on a binge of green tea and blueberries, met n=5 twice, and was politely dismissed,.. “

Seventy-five!! I hope I still have the head for Brain Fitness Pro at seventy-five. Well done, Larry!

Larrys Composite Scores

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  1. Bonjour, J’ai subi une légère attaque cérébrale en 2009 octobtre environ, et j’ai encore de la mémoire ,mais elle est plus fragile qu’avant, car je n’ai que 67 ans, et je vais marcher souvent, lorsqu’il fait beau,j’ai eu 6 enfants, 3 garçons et 3 filles, et mes petits-enfants , 4 garçons et 4 filles! quelle joie pour moi! Je vais récupéré toute ma mémoire en faisnt de l’exercice! Merçi de votre attention. J’aime la vie et j’aimerais la vivre longtemps! Car le père de mes enfants est décédé à presque 71 ans , de nos jours, c’est plus jeune, je crois. Bye! et que ça saute! ah!ah! xxxx

    English translation:
    “Hello, I suffered a mild stroke around October of 2009; I still have memory, but is more fragile than before, because I’m only 67 years old, and I walk often, when it’s nice, I had 6 children, 3 boys and 3 girls, and 8 grandchildren, 4 boys and 4 girls! What joy for me! I will get all my memory back by doing the exercise! Thanks for your attention. I love life and I want to live long! For the father of my children died at almost 71 years old, these days that’s quite young, I think. Bye! and make it snappy! ah ah! xxxx”

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