Working-Memory Limits in Modern Life

The Wall Street Journal ran a piece today focusing on task overload and information overload of modern life. Torkel Klingberg has written a book called “The Overflowing Brain” in which he describes how life today gives our brains too much to think about. Our lives and the technologies we use have evolved more quickly than we have. (This is something I think about often.)

In revealing the problems of multi-tasking, Klingberg hones in on the limited capacity of working-memory. When we switch between tasks we quickly overload our working-memory.

Klingberg also points out that we can only be truly attentive to one task at once.

I’m writing about this because while I believe in simplifying our lives and reducing the information clutter, we cannot eliminate complexity entirely. That’s where Brain Fitness Pro comes in. It is specifically designed to increase working-memory capacity and multi-tasking capability with an exercise that demands concentration and focus. This accounts for some of the experiences that customers have reported describing better overall attention and ability to get tasks done.

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