Tried Something New…

Today I started from n=3 and went down to n=2 with 0 miss came back to n=3 miss=4, at the same level n=3 with miss=6 again came back to n=2 with miss=0 back up to n=3 got 5 misses again at the same level n=3 with miss=4 stayed at the same level n=3 and got 5 misses.

Here I tried something new. I took a break and tried listening to some good  rock music, some of my favorite tracks for 10-15 , without bothering about my score or anything else. After 15minutes again i started taking training and cleared n=3 level with only 2 misses. At n=4 got 6 misses and came back to n=3 but after that I went back to n=4 quite a few number of times…..

I started training after doing my office work for around 4-5 hours and as my result says, my performance was not good but after taking a break and relaxing my brain with my favorite music, I improved my performance.

I realized how important it is to relax our brain and keep it fit and healthy otherwise we can’t perform what we are capable of ….

Please share with me if anyone has any such experience…

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