Success And Perseverance

I’m posting a link to this article from the Boston Globe: “The Truth About Grit

The story reports on a growing focus of research into the trait of “grit” and how it relates to success in life.

The story explains how the relationship between IQ and success came to dominate the focus of psychologists, in part because it was easy to test for. Recently, researchers have becom interested in better defining and measuring “grit” in the belief that it may provide a better indicator for success than IQ.

It certainly seems to make a lot of common sense that an intelligent person can fail simply through lack of resolve, and that a less intelligent person can succeed through dint of persistence.

Quite apart from general interest, I have another reason for posting about this story. It also strikes me that dual n-back training can be useful in training both intelligence and persistence or “grit.” It’s certainly not possible to succeed at n-back training without having or developing a fair degree of perseverance!

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  1. Shaun Luttin says:

    Another name for Grit in the psyc literature is ‘resilience’ and yet another is ‘hardiness.’ The man behind the positive psychology movement, named Seligman, has several questionaires published here:

    One of the questionaires measures ‘grit’. There’s an online training program that Seligman put together too. My memory thinks it’s called Resliency Online, and I’ve not been able to find it online by that name, so I think my memory might be wrong :( . Oh well. At least the questionaire is there!

    Warm regards,

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