Session #25

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Training location: Block Island, upstairs.
Training conditions: Tired – no nap or exercise today. Late afternoon, alone.

Started out with n=5, 6 misses. Not a good start!! No misses on n=4, back up to n=5.  One miss, up to n=6. Five misses, staying on n=6. Five misses again. Six misses, down to n=5.  Two misses, back up to n=6.  Followed by 11 misses!! (Wasn’t aware I was focused so poorly.)  Two misses on n=5, back up to n=6.  Four misses, staying on n=6. Five misses. Six misses, down to n=5. Not good – Five misses. Losing focus. Three misses. Three misses.

Had to stop.

Resuming on Thursday, early afternoon, no exercise, tired.

Five misses. Three misses (though I thought I had none).  Three misses.  Stopped and restarted again the next day.

Mean n-back = 5.3

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