Session #24

Day 5

Monday, July 14, 2008

Training location:
Home in Brooklyn – Downstairs

Training conditions:
Afternoon. Tired, but feeling positive after a hard swim in the morning. Plenty of coffee. Alone in the house but pressed for time.

Started with n=4. No misses. One miss on n=5, up to n=6. Five misses, staying on n=6. Nine misses, back down to n=5. Three misses, staying on n=5. Four misses.

Had to break off after 6 blocks…

Friday, July 18, 2008

Resumed training location:
Block Island (arrived yesterday)

Resumed training conditions:
Afternoon. Tired, but positive swam in the ocean this morning. Plenty of coffee. Alone in the house.

First block n=5, four misses. Then four misses again, followed by two misses – up to n=6.  Just 3 misses on n=6.  Followed by five misses.  Next, just two misses, up to n=7. (8 hits, 6 misses – not too bad.)  Followed by 7 misses on n=6, back down to n=5. (Same pattern again of falling off after a few good rounds.)  Just two misses, back up to n=6.

Having to break off again after 15 blocks…

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Resumed Again – Block Island, afternoon, upstairs, after nap.

First block n=6. Eight misses. Four misses on n=5. 7 misses, down to n=4. 5 misses on n=4. (Doing poorly, but it doesn’t seem to feel that way!!)

Finally finished this “session” with a mean score of n=5.3.

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