MindSparke Day 1

Today, I officially begin my brain fitness program.  After doing a bit of research with pro vs. luminosity, I decided to settle on the pro since it was slightly cheaper and many people claim to see its benefits.

Session 1 and 2 were slightly challenging but relatively straightforward to understand.  As for session 3, it became much more difficult to understand the objective and keep focused on remembering every 2nd interim pattern.  I found myself to be slightly confused and challenged to identify a pattern.  I only achieved a 2.1 on this exercise today.  In combination with the practice and training, this session took me about an hour to complete with only 5% progress.

Session 4 was highly challenging. I had to take a break and come back to it since I spent so much time on 3 and was beginning to get a headache (I guess that means my brain is working?).  I went to work and came back to do a few practices on session 4 (aural and visual separately).  I plan to tackle this part tomorrow.

Let’s hope some sleep will help me connect the circuits a little better.


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