Working Memory Training Session #30

Session #30

Wednesday September 17, 2008

Home, morning, swam, coffee.

Starting on n=5. No misses. Up to n=6. Five misses, staying on n=6. Four misses. Three misses. Two misses, up to n=7. Eleven misses!! (seven hits.) back down to n=6. Ten misses on n=6!! Must have really lost focus. Three misses on n=5. Followed by seven misses!! Down to n=4. (Had no idea that I’d missed so many. Must be losing focus.) No misses on n=4. Three misses on n=5. Two misses, up to n=6. Three misses. Three misses. Four misses. Eight misses. Two misses, back up to n=6. Six misses. Two misses, back up to n=6 for the last block.

Ending with my best mean n ever: 5.6

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